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Embree Remembered: The Extraordinary Lives and Times of Robert and Effingham Embree

In this carefully researched and documented volume, Greenwich, Connecticut, author Mary Ellen Embree LeBien recounts the lives and times of two of her ancestors, Robert and Effingham Embree. Robert and his wife, Mary Bassett, were among the earliest settlers of colonial New Haven and Stamford. Effingham was present at the creation of the United States and, among many other activities, made tall case clocks, one of which resides in the White House.

You will be delighted and fascinated by this book if:

  • Your surname is Embree
  • Your surname is Bassett
  • Your surname is Webb and your ancestors were in colonial New Haven or Stamford, Connecticut
  • You love, collect, or own antique clocks, especially clocks made in New York City during the federal era circa 1780-1800
  • You are interested in New York federal furniture, especially the work of Thomas Burling
  • You are a student of genealogy or a genealogy reference librarian
  • You have Quaker ancestors who resided in Flushing, New York, especially if your ancestry includes the surnames Lawrence or Pearsall
  • You are interested in the history of colonial New Haven or Stamford, Connecticut, or New York City, circa 1775-1796, or Flushing, New York, circa 1759-1816, especially when told from the viewpoint of individual participants

This information was prepared by Mary Ellen Embree LeBien.