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Embree Remembered: The Extraordinary Lives and Times of Robert and Effingham Embree


vi   Acknowledgments
viii List of Illustrations

    Introduction   1

  1. To readers of this book   3
    How this book came to be written   3
    The John and Margery Bassett family and Robert Embree   5
    A word about Robert Ambler, the supreme Embree genealogist   5
    A word to Embrees not descended from Robert and how to pronounce Embree   6
    What I have tried to do with this book   6

  2. Explanatory comments to guide the reader   7
    The narrative structure of this book   7
    The colonial calendar, or what date did you say that was?   7
    Deciphering Puritan English   8
    Author's sources   9
      Capsule: An extraordinary historical resource   9

  3. The Robert Embree Story   13
    Old England Prologue   13
    New England Prologue   14
      Capsule: Robert Embree, the Bassett family, the Mormons, and the Internet   15
    New Haven Prologue   16
      Capsule: When did Robert Embree and the John and Margery Bassett family arrive in New Haven?   16
      Capsule: Goodwife Emry, may I introduce you to Freeman Malbon, Elder Newman, Mr. Evance, and Elizabeth Smith?   20
    Robert Embree in New Haven   22
      Capsule: Henry Whitfield's 1639 stone house   24
      Capsule: What were the religious beliefs of the Puritans?   28
      Capsule: The Puritans and sex   35
      Capsule: A Sunday morning in New Haven, March 1646/7   37
    A Map of New Haven in 1641   42
      Capsule: Untie the Winds, a novel of early New Haven   46
    Stamford Prologue   47
      Capsule: I'm moving on.   48
      Capsule: Huntington, a famous but flawed source   48
    Robert Embree in Stamford   50
    A map of Stamford in 1651-1660   51
      Capsule: Witches and witchcraft   54
      Capsule: When Greenwich was part of Stamford   56

  4. The Effingham Embree Story   58
    Prologue to Effingham Embree   60
      Capsule: Women's property rights in colonial Connecticut   60
    The White House receives a Bicentenial gift   61
      Capsule: Who made Effingham Embree tall case clocks?   62
    Flushing, Long Island, and a Quaker childhood   65
      Capsule: Where did Effingham Embree get the name Effingham?   66
      Capsule: Quaker glossary   68
    Revolution and the British Occupation   69
    Watch and clock maker   71
      Capsule: The Thomas Burling Connection   72
      Capsule: Mr. Embree, how much do you charge for one of your tall case clocks?   80
      Capsule: How much is that in today's money?   81
      Capsule: How many tall case clocks did Effingham Embree make?   82
      Capsule: Effingham Embree watches   83
      Capsule: When is an Effingham Embree clock not an Effingham Embree clock?   84
    The Society for the Promotion of the Manumission of Slaves and the New York African Free School   86
    Marriage, disownment, and restoration   90
    Prominent Manhattan and Flushing resident and businessman   91
      Capsule: An Effingham Embree puzzle   96

  5. A selected bibliography of early New Haven   97

  6. A selected bibliography of early Stamford   98

  7. An Effingham Embree selected bibliography  100

  8. Index  102

This information was prepared by Mary Ellen Embree LeBien.